March Artist Reception
12:00 PM12:00

March Artist Reception


This exhibit chronicles some favorite jello creations; featuring everything from sparkling wine to homemade rhubarb syrup to a combination of avocado, mayo and Lime Jell-O. Also featured are images captured from Jell-O brand recipe pamphlets from the early 1900's, part of the University of Minnesota's Kirschner Cookbook Library. Finally, Jell-O FUN Barbie shares her proud moment as the key feature of Peters' first Jello Spectacular win.


You can be part of the exhibit, too! Send your selfie with jello to by March 21st, and you'll be added to the "Show me your Jello!" exhibit inside the coffee shop. Note: Artist reception will include a View Master reel of Peters' jellos, plus cafe-themed jello treats



JoAnne Peters is a five-time winner of the Northeast Minneapolis Hotdish Revolution Jello Spectacular Competition and chronicles her journeys with jello on Instagram @myfairjello. Her inspirations include vintage cookbooks, British jelly mongers Bombas and Parr, injected flower gelatina and the long, strange history of America's Jell-O brand. She has an ever evolving collection of interesting jello molds.

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