You are invited to collaborate with artist Emily Hoisington in the creation of “One Line on the Green Line,”

an exhibit to be held in the Smallest Museum of Saint Paul outside the Workhorse Coffee Bar in June 2019.


Submit continuous line drawings from March thru April 2019 by email to OR in person at Workhorse Coffee Bar. Drawings can be submitted at the front counter. Make a 4x6” continuous line drawing while riding on the Green Line or at one of the stations of the Green Line:

● Notice how your eye travels from one thing to the next. Let your drawing follow your eye.

● Once you start drawing, don’t stop: the whole thing will be made of one continuous line.

● Look more at your environment, less at your paper.

● If you notice mistakes and distortions, let them be part of the drawing.

● Connect the edges of objects and/or draw across the surface texture of objects.

● Let your eye and line explore anything interesting and follow any path through the space.

● Leave some things unfinished; allow the spaces to balance out the areas of denser marks.

 Drawing completed at Green Line Station:______________________________ OR while riding the Green Line between station _________________ and station _____________ I give permission for this drawing to be used and modified as a print to be exhibited by Emily Hoisington. Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: __________ Printed Name (please print legibly so you can be given credit) _______________________________________ Your address (optional, please provide this if you want to be mailed a copy of the print based on your drawing) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Email address if you would like to be contacted by the artist about future exhibits and events: _________________________________________________________ See more information on the back of this page about what will happen to the drawing:

What will happen to the drawings: I will take the first 16 drawings that are submitted that fit the criteria of being continuous line drawings along the Green Line, and interpret them into prints and print at least 2 copies from each, one for exhibition and one to be mailed to the drawer if they provide an address. I will also be making my own drawings, so that if fewer than 16 drawings are submitted I will still have imagery for creating the prints. “One Line on the Green Line” will be a collection of prints (woodcut, linocut, drypoint, and/or collagraph) based on drawings made by myself or by other people either on the Green Line light rail trains or at the stations, exploring the point of view of the commuter and pedestrian, the relationships between people and the built environment and how we move through it along University Avenue. Each drawing will be made from a single continuous line, selecting and connecting pieces of the visual experience of these spaces. The prints I make based on the drawings will interpret these lines as divisions between positive and negative space with an eye to creating engaging abstract compositions that retain hints of the observational experience. If more than 16 drawings are submitted that fullfil the criteria, they may be used as the basis for prints for future similar exhibitions. There is no guarantee that your drawing will become a print that is included in an exhibition.


More about Emily Hoisington & this project: I use printmaking, painting, drawing, paper-making, and bookmaking in imaginative explorations of urban ecosystems. I am interested in capturing the sensory experience of the natural and built environment, as part of the larger question “What is it like to be human in this place and in this community?” I earned my MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, received the MCAD collegiate fellowship at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and the Jerome Emerging Printmaker's Residency at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in 2008, and was Artist in Residence at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in 2016. I received a 2018 Neighborhood Honor Roll Award for the painting and organizing of a community street mural and way finding project at Aldine pedestrian bridge in Saint Paul. My work is included in public and private collections and I have exhibited both nationally and internationally. I teach at Saint Paul College, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. This project grows out of a series of investigations using the continuous line drawing technique to engage myself and my neighbors in awareness of their surroundings. I used the continuous line technique interpreted into woodcut prints reflecting on the experience of the natural and built environment of the Twin Cities in my solo show “One Line” at Augsburg University in 2016 and led visitors in sidewalk chalk drawing activities using continuous line at an event related to the exhibit. In 2017 I asked community volunteers from the Union Park neighborhood to draw using the continuous line technique and paint the spaces formed between the lines to create a mural on the Aldine Pedestrian Bridge over Highway 94. Website Instagram Right: page spread of my continuous line sketches done on bus route 21.

Look for my drawings tagged #continuouslinedrawing on instagram for more examples like this one.